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About Seiclone Surveys


Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS or Drones) revolutionize how survey data is collected and the detail in which it is provided by:

  • Dramatically reducing HSE exposure
  • Accessing areas not accessible, nor assessable, to humans
  • Measure to Real Time Kinematic (RTK) accuracy
  • Providing detailed 3D digital data which can be permanently maintained, updated and manipulated


The advancement of Seiclone Surveys arsenal of UAS technology has promoted this process to a point where it is not only practical, but also safe, efficient and more accurate than previous survey methods. We have refined these processes on numerous successful projects, encompassing a diverse range of industries.  Drone surveying and mapping is the next frontier.  Seiclone Surveys possesses the proven means to positively deploy the technology and create a new standard in surveying and mapping.