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About Seiclone Surveys

Seiclone Surveys is a Drone Based Surveying Company with roots in conventional surveying in the Oil & Gas Industry. Seiclone has been performing Drone based surveying since 2014 and continues to stay on the leading edge of technology with Drones and Sensors. Seiclone has a variety of Drones from low-end Quadcopters to custom fixed wing multi-sensor platforms which can fly in excess of 100 miles per hour. Seiclone has the ability to provide Point Cloud Digital Topographical maps at RTK accuracy detailed to 1 square centimeter.
Sensor availability continues to evolve and currently includes:
  • RGB Digital Imagery
  • Radiometric Thermal Measurements
  • Lidar
  • Multi/Hyperspectral
  • Magnetometers
  • Microwave
  • Aerial Photography

Seiclone Surveys has performed thousands of hours of Aerial Surveys for:

Discovering buried pipelines
Identifying leaking oil and gas
Seismic surveying
Mining volumetric measurements
Hazard Identification
Risk Avoidance
Logistics Planning
Solar panel inspection
Golf Course maintenance
Other proprietary projects

Aerial Services


Aerial Solutions

Seiclone Surveys is proud to provide even more range and depth by offering one of the first and only complete unmanned aerial imaging solutions. The epicenter of the system being the Trimble UX5 Aerial Imaging Rover for collecting aerial remote sensing data.



Data captured is often used to visualize job site conditions, review surveying and mapping observations, measure points and features, create Digital Surface Models (DSM's) and check quantities along with a host of others uses.



Aerial digital imaging and remote sensing is a rapidly expanding and highly valuable technology for geospatial professionals.

We are continually finding new and more advanced ways to use our Drones and sensors to solve complex problems for our customers. Please contact a Seiclone Surveys representative to learn more about our offerings!

Discover Today With 3d Scanning Drone Technology

Aerial digital imaging and remote sensing