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UAS Advantages

Utilizing UAS (Unmanned Aerial System) technology, we conduct a highly detailed aerial survey of the area of interest. The derived product(s) allow us to utilize the remote sensing capabilities of our UAS to provide a highly detailed GIS database to our client. Hazard surveys in the past were limited to line of site of the individual on the ground. Having the capabilities to conduct a full overview of the project from above help to capture all hazardous areas and provide personnel more efficient access on the ground. Utilizing aerial photography to conduct GIS mapping is not a new concept but, in the past, the poor level of accuracy and relatively high cost made it a wholly ineffective business model. The advancement of Seiclone Surveys arsenal of UAS technology has promoted this process to a point where it is not only practical but also, safe, efficient and more accurate than previous survey methods. We have refined these processes on numerous successful projects, encompassing a diverse range of industries. At this point, surveying and mapping is not only our next frontier but we possess the proven means to positively deploy the technology and create a new standard in surveying and mapping.

Properly developed logistics for any operation will significantly decrease time and risks such as:
  • Personnel harm
  • Loss of equipment
  • Environmental damage 
  • Loss of reputation

    Our ability to utilize up to date high resolution, aerial and terrain modeling will make processes much simpler and safer. When a crew arrives on site, they will possess an ortho-rectified, georeferenced aerial image to load into any capable navigation hardware, mapping software or field GPS device that will give them a current and accurate view of their surroundings. Assessments can be easily and quickly updated throughout projects for certain areas that are deemed necessary. Along with the imagery, Seiclone Surveys employs derived digital elevation models that will give you the ability to further assess and define hazardous and safe travel areas. The possibilities that this remote sensing technology provides are hands down above and beyond anything previously available to the seismic industry.