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Risk Avoidance

The inherent danger of putting people on the ground for an operation is always an enormous risk and is the paramount concern that Seiclone Surveys wishes to mitigate. Our unmatched ability to take advantage of a new technology that could remove 90% or more crew man hours is a leading QHSE feature that sets our methodology apart from those employed in the past. The top part of the chart shows employees in a “lone worker” environment (inherently high risk).

The 2-man crew represented on the bottom portion of the chart shows a very controlled environment of “observation only” personnel commissioning a vehicle with reliable communication abilities. Readdressing the chart above, the UAS Pilot and Visual Observer utilizing UAS technologies will not be working alone, as was the previous industry standards. The >90% reduction in exposure hours along with the ability to provide and drastically lower risk operation is one of many great advantages Seiclone Surveys UAS expertise is capable of bringing to operations